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Toy rattles are commonly found around babies when you visit them. Apart from giving it a shake or two, little bubbas typically end up throwing them around during play time. You would wonder if these rattles are any good? What is so special about them that they have been around so long?

Cause and effect:

These toy rattles are your bubbas first experience of interacting with their environment. When they move (cause) the toy, it makes (effect) sound. So moving rattles activates sound, which helps in recognising if their audio sense is responding well. Also, the sound of the toy rattle teaches your bubba about the cause and effect.

Fine and Gross motor development:

Initially, your bubba will start by just trying to hold the toy rattle in their hand, then slowly, as the muscles grow, their fingers will grasp the handle by curling around it. In babies, fine and gross motor development is an essential learning process.

Enhance eye-hand coordination:

When your bubba wants to pick up the toy when you rattle, they would have to stretch out their arm and pick it up. This will enhance their hand-eye coordination and help them achieve this milestone with a fun activity. Apart from that, the physical grasping strength of your bubba is also improved.

Promote object permanence:

Rattles can help in achieving cognitive development milestones, such as object permanence. Hide the toy rattles out of your bubbas site and encourage them to look for it. Rattles can also help in teaching the baby one-step directions and imitations. For example, ask your bubba to ‘shake the rattle’ or ‘get the rattle’ and see them grow!

Though Toy Rattles might seem like one of the many options for toddlers, the reason for it being there with babies is that it promotes vital holistic development for many generations. Check out toys rattles online and the various designs and colours they are available in. To know more about them or to order one.

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