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The heads of the babies are larger in comparison to the rest of their bodies than adults. Newborn babies lose heat faster, which may lead them to become unwell. In colder environments our bodies lose heat faster, this is manifold for babies. That is why a hat is essential to prevent heat loss from their heads and keep your little one warm, comfortable and safe.

Generally, a child must have a hat on as long as it is cold out or if the indoor temperature is below ideal.

With tons of varieties and materials available, parents tend to get confused when buying baby hats. We at Di Lusso Living have a wide range of exclusive baby collections, including baby blankets, beddings, clothes, hats and more available to buy online. 

Explore our one-of-a-kind collection of baby hats online

Our range of baby hat options is designed keeping various types of mummas and bubbas in mind. Our baby hats are great for protecting from the elements while outdoors. We aspire to make thoughtful, well-designed, and long-lasting headwear using a range of naturally safe and enjoyable fabrics for toddlers.

All of our baby hats are woven using high-quality sustainable fabric. We're proud of how well our products age, softening with each use and retaining cherished memories of childhood and babyhood. Buy baby hats from our exclusive online collection today.

We love to bring purposeful and quality headwear for Australian bubbas. Di Lusso Living's newborn baby hats are timeless in style and quality. We manufacture with awareness to reduce waste, concentrate on craftsmanship, and produce genuine baby hats that mummas would be proud of.

How To Keep Hats on Your Babies?

It's a lesson to learn when putting the hats on to the toddlers. Let's see how to deal with it:

Check Out These Fun Tips

Some children have a tendency to be ok with wearing headwear. Others have a highly advanced and keen sense that alerts them to the fact even before you've picked it up, and they'll do a runner to get away from having to wear something over their head.

Regular Activities

Put baby hats on naturally when they're busy snacking or amidst playtime. They might not bother taking off the hat since they do not recognise it as something they did not want to do in the first place.

Include Them While Selecting Baby Hats

Offer them a variety of hats to wear on different days, for instance a ‘going out’ hat that’s special to them, which has a design or character they recognise and love. Allow them to choose their outfit, including the hat.

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