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Playmats are one of the most valuable accessories that you can give a baby. These playmats keep the baby safe while providing a safe and soft environment for them to explore and be at. In addition, playmats are known to foster early development when kept in the baby's immediate environment.

Playmats are versatile. Parents carry it around as a portable way to offer comfort to the bubbas. At other times can be used at home and be carried around to different rooms. We provide colourful and comfortable playmats online.

Why should you have playmats for your bubbas?

Tummy time:

Tummy time is generally for newborn bubbas to prevent them from having a flat head. It also helps in the development of their shoulder and neck muscles. Strengthening the neck and shoulder is considered an essential milestone in development as it allows the bubbas to crawl as they grow.

Sensory development:

Most of our playmats are colourful and soft in texture. The colours and patterns on the playmats help develop the visual senses of the babies. You can also hang a dangling toy over the playmat to encourage your bubba to be actively moving towards growth.

Clean and safe environment:

Newborn bubbas are sensitive to their environment. Playmat acts like their comfort zone. When on the playmats, babies feel protected. It helps create a clean and safe environment for the baby and is like a constant with them.


If you have a baby shower to attend to or visit someone who has just had a baby, playmats are a great gift option. If you cannot personally go out and buy, you can always buy playmats online with us!

You can choose from our various range of playmats. We have options in multiple sizes and colours as well. Select a playmat from our collection and also help in enhancing your bubba's sensory development.

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