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Babies should learn to walk barefoot; it allows their toes to grip the ground, thereby balancing their body movement and coordination. However, leaving kids barefooted when outside exposes them to hazards. Baby booties protect their soft soles from the random objects and surfaces outside. 

When choosing the right booties for your baby it is also necessary to check that your baby's feet remain unrestricted. Using our baby soft soles not only means baby safety but can also allow them freedom of movement. 

Booties must also be healthy for baby foot development. When you buy the first pair of shoes for your tot, you must ensure that you pick soft, flexible soles to give your child’s feet the freedom to develop naturally. 

If you are wondering where to buy baby booties for your tiny tot, Di Lusso Living is the ideal choice. We deliver to your door when you buy baby soft soles online with us. 

Try our exotic range of booties.

Made with organic cotton, our baby soft soles come with a cute pom pom on them. They are super flexible both on the sole and on the upper shoe supporting easy movement. The softness of the booties allows them to put on and take off without hurting your toddler.

Buy baby booties online from our wide range and wrap your little one’s feet in loveliness. They are available in different colours and sizes that match our cardigan and beanies collection. 

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