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The arrival of a newborn is always a huge source of joy in the family. It is celebrated with gifts and well wishes. While gifting on the arrival of a baby, we give something useful for the bubba and mumma.

Dressing a newborn can be time-consuming and could seem like an impossible task at most times. With their hands and legs joyfully swaying everywhere, you can end up feeling helpless. At such a time, our organic knit rompers will be of great help. Covering your bubbas entire body with a great and comfortable material can bring you peace.

Why should you buy Organic Knit Rompers?

Cozy and comfortable:

Our organic knit rompers are super cozy and warm, an ideal thing to wear for your bubba. These rompers are available in a wide range of colours. Made from 100% GOTS Certified Organic Cotton, we ensure that these rompers will comfort your bubba.


Our rompers are chemical-free and do not have any side effects on your bubbas skin. We use organic colours for dyeing our clothes. In case your bubba has rashes or red skin because of the everyday clothes your baby is wearing, then you can immediately shift to organic knit rompers.

Ethically made:

While making a particular product, the host village, town or city can be harmed or caused problems in the process of manufacturing and sourcing. Ethically made products refer to creating products that do not cause any harm or loss to the host. Our Organic Knit Rompers are ethically made in India. We ensure that we do not harm anyone for our gains. We also provide help and support to the communities as much as we can.

Perfect fit:

Organic Knit Rompers are made to cover your bubba completely. The warmth of the rompers in a perfect fit feels like a warm hug. It is convenient for diaper change as well and is easy to manage with the buttons.

If you cannot go out and get it manually, you can always get Organic Knit Rompers online.

To have a look at various colours and designs.

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