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Swaddling is wrapping your bubbas in a cloth to keep them safe and warm. As a new or experienced parent, we aspire to give our children the best of everything. At times this might get daunting. Let us begin with simplicity. The beauty of swaddling your baby is in the loving simplicity of the process.

All you need is muslin swaddle wraps and your loving hands to swaddle your bubbas. Learning how to swaddle your baby needs love and careful attention. It is much easier than you may first imagine.

It is all about finding the technique perfect for you as well as your little one. It takes some practice and our muslin swaddle wraps play an essential role in the entire process.

Below are four easy steps to swaddle your bubba into an adorable and warm cocoon.


Get a muslin swaddle wrap of your choice. We have 100% organic cotton muslin swaddle wraps online. Fold the swaddle wrap in half, corner to corner; it should form a triangle. Place your little one in the centre of the swaddle wrap, with both ends on the wide side below the baby's shoulder.


Keep your baby engaged as you take their right hand alongside the body while holding it there gently. Take the same side of the swaddle and pull it across your baby's chest, tucking it under their left side. This process will leave your baby's left arm free.


Take the left end of the swaddle and pull it across your baby's chest while covering his/her left arm under it—Tuck the swaddle beneath their right side.


Please pick up the remaining swaddle wrap at the bottom and bring it upwards onto your baby's chest. You can tuck the edges under his/her chin. Your little bundle of joy will be warm and safe inside this beautiful cocoon. Swaddling is a tradition that brings mumma and her bubba closer.

  • In case you do not have a natural feeling soft wrap, choose a muslin swaddle wrap from our collection!  

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