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When you’re getting the baby ready for bed, our selection of baby swaddles, blankets and wraps are just the things for tucking them in. Mummas can now make sure their newborn bubbas are cosy and relaxed as if they were in your arms while they learn to sleep by themselves.  Buy from our collection of baby blankets online to give them this well-tucked-in sleep every night

You can find stylish and comfortablebaby blankets online in small, medium, and large sizes with us. They are available for both boys and girls in pastel colours with cute patterns made from natural soft materials. 

At Di Lusso Living, we’ve even got gift bundles that could help you when looking to gift baby blankets to expecting or new mums. 

Before going ahead and buying a baby blanket online, let’s look at some benefits of the baby blanket for a newborn bubba:

Benefits of cotton baby blanket

A warm touch is essential for a newborn’s growth, and a baby blanket can offer that parental touch. Babies who are swaddled before bed are likely to fall asleep faster and remain asleep during the night. If your baby sleeps well with the help of a newborn baby blanket, so will everyone else in the house, which is perfect for the whole family!

Wrapping your baby snugly in the right type of blanket will help them maintain their ideal temperature. Avoid "double swaddling" or using an overly warm blanket. A breathable fabric can keep your baby dry, warm and cosy without the risk of overheating. A snuggling cotton baby blanket helps your baby sleep longer, more restfully, and with fewer interruptions by making them feel a gentle motherly touch. Our 100% extra soft cotton-made baby blankets will keep your body ventilated and comfortable. 

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