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Take Your Baby Out For A Stroll With Snug, Comfy Pram Blankets

Infants can get cranky in a matter of seconds. Wondering what sets them off when you are out on a stroll? Without the right pram blankets, babies can never enjoy their outings. 

Di Lusso Living’s made selecting the right blankie for your bubba easier than ever. Buy ethically sourced blankies, OEKO-TEX certified (100% free from harmful substances), available in adorable designs that will make you go “Awww!”. 

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Pram Blankets

Baby Blankies come in different sizes and purposes. Are you pondering how to get the right blanket with the wide varieties and options in the market?

Here are a few factors to keep in mind while choosing the right blankies for your babies:

  • Breathability: For the baby’s comfort, breathability always comes first. Depending on the seasons, you can switch in thickness, but the blankets should always be breathable to avoid dangerous overheating.
    Perform a simple test to test the breathability: hold it up against a fan and see if the breeze is passing through.

  • Size: Depending on the nature of usage, you will have to browse through the sizes of blankets available. Receiving blankets and swaddle blankets are suitable for their respective purposes only. Parents can repurpose blankets to make sunshades, a floor mat or even a wall. The blanket size should ideally be large enough to keep the baby warm, but not a size that overwhelms or suffocates them.

  • Material: The softness of the fabric is of utmost concern in baby products. Muslin and 100% cotton is the most widely used fabric for newborn babies because its ultra soft and gentle texture keeps your baby's skin safe.

  • Ease of Washing: This factor is of prime significance for the parents. While taking care of your offspring, washing their blankies and clothes should be as easy as ABCD so that you can give your child the undivided attention they deserve.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Buying Pram Blankets

Blankets are more than just fabrics used to cover the babies; they could end up being cherished heirlooms passed on for generations. All children develop an attachment to their blankies. Ensure your bubba is snug and comfortable while taking a stroll in the pram. Select from Di Lusso Living’s wide range of pram blankets to keep your infant warm, fuzzy and cheerful. 

With our ultra soft and colourful blankets, your baby will look forward to their strolls, where they finally get to hold these blankets. 

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