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There is no shortage of lists for new parents on what, how, and when to buy baby accessories. There is a checklist, ranging from setting up the nursery decor products to picking the right products for their babies to sleep cosy each night,  and much more. The priority in baby accessories is baby bedding to make your infant feel comfortable and safe.

The most common and obvious one is the blanket to wrap around your little one and keep your baby warm. The second one is the soft cushion not only to make your baby restful and comfy while supporting their neck. There are several variations to choose from when you buy baby accessories from our online store.

Di Lusso Living, can help you figure out the kind of baby blanket and cushion to buy for your baby. 

Take a look at our plethora of baby collection

Our 100% cotton-made baby blankets are cover-ups to provide security and heat while the softness of the materials allows the airflow, giving warmth to the baby. These blankets are easy to carry everywhere, be it a car ride or a stroller ride. Explore our ultra-soft collection of baby blankets for the comfort and luxury of your baby. 

Our premium quality cotton baby cushions in different dimensions and bright colour designs are very cute. They are machine washed and can also be ironed as and when needed. However, you need to decide upon the type of cushion that suits your infant. 

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