Cotton Baby Blankets


Breathable, Ethically Sourced Cotton Baby Blankets

Newborn and toddler blankets are gift-worthy items that your baby will treasure into their childhood. Buy ultra soft and comfortable cotton blankets - excellent in prams and on baby beds at home.

Nothing beats a mother’s embrace, but we have the next best thing for your bubba. Ethically sourced 100% pure cotton baby blankets to make your baby fall asleep within seconds. 

Choose From Our Range of Attractively Designed Cotton Blankets Online

Stimulate your baby’s brains with colourful, lively designs. Browse through our collections of cotton blankets with cute animals like Maisie Mouse, Toby Bear, Barnie Bunny, and Ollie Owl, among others. 

With breathable material, these soft luxuries won’t cause any irritation or allergies on their sensitive skin either. We offer stylish designs with plenty of colour options so every family can find something special.

How Can Cotton Blankets Make a Difference?

Cotton is a versatile material that we can use in many ways. From soft, innocent newborns all the way through to teenagerhood - cotton will always keep its place as one of the most important items for any child!

Breathable fabric is essential for keeping your baby dry, warm and comfortable. But it's not just about the water resistance - snuggling cotton blankets can also help them sleep better by making their blanket feel like mommy or daddy are holding onto them while you rest in bed all afternoon.

Give yourself a break and your baby the perfect gift with our cotton baby blankets.

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