8 ideas for gender neutral baby shower gifts



Everyone loves a surprise, right?

Especially when you know you are going to love it, no matter what. This couldn’t be more true for expecting parents. More often than not, leaving the gender of their bundle of joy unknown is the best surprise of their life.

But! Who does this put in a pickle? You. Because now, as you frantically search for a baby shower gift (possibly last minute, no judgement here), you realise that many gift possibilities are either very feminine or masculine. Like that adorably tiny tutu outfit, or ridiculously cute mini pirate outfit.

Which is why we have rounded up some great baby shower offerings for equally adorable, but innocently gender-neutral gifts.

Tummy time

It’s not everyone’s favourite pastime, but it is essential for your baby’s development! Luckily, an adorable playmat can make this a little easier, both on your baby’s tummy and a parent’s nerves.

Our Nursery Playmats are 100% cotton, softly padded and machine washable. Ethically made in India, they can be coordinated with a matching blanket, muslin or toy. Did we mention free shipping and gift wrapping at checkout, too? The perfect gift within a few clicks.

Let’s wrap this up

Unbelievably soft, and equally versatile, a muslin blanket is an essential item in any new parents repertoire. Need a blanket for an emergency nappy change? Muslin wrap. Bubba needs to be burped? Muslin wrap over the shoulder. Time to bundle up those waving arms for a nap in the pram? Muslin wrap. A light breastfeeding cover without smothering the baby? Muslin wrap. The possibilities are endless.

All our muslin wraps are machine washable, quick-drying, and made with 100% cotton. They fold up super small to slip into a bag, too!

Provide the entertainment

A newborns mind loves the enrichment of a hanging carousel, and has the added bonus of encouraging them to reach up and move their arms and legs energetically! We love the eco-friendly option, like this gorgeous wooden and silicone gym, which can also double as teething toy!

Shake, shake, shake!

Learning to grip objects and use their fingers is an essential role that toys play in a baby’s growth and development. Keep things simple in the beginning with an easy to grip, soft toy, like this rattle. Added bonus, it makes a fun noise that your baby will love to shake!

Handmade with 100% cotton and machine washable, just squeeze out all excess water.

No spills here

A bib will never go unused as a newborn moves into eating solids. And with multiple meal times a day, a parent is going to need more than one. A bib set, like this adorable Winnie the Pooh collection, made with cotton and terry cloth and a handy snap button at the back, is wonderful for keeping things neat and tidy and wiping tiny faces.

Dress in style

Keep a little one toasty warm in a 100% organic cotton, soft knit romper. Easy nappy changes with snap buttons along both legs. Easy to slip over the head with snap buttons along the left side of the neckline. Perfect size for up to 6 months! In grey or natural, these colours will suit boys and girls both.

Bouncing around

A baby bouncer provides hours of endless entertainment for littles ones, and best of all, it can keep them within eyesight when needed! We love a simple handmade one like this Baby Bouncer with a fun, reversible pattern. 



Time to rug up

Lastly, you can’t forget an adorable baby hat - you may not realise, but a newborn can’t regulate their body temperature, up until at least 18 months! It is imperative that a baby is always kept a little more rugged up than you yourself would. Gift a baby beanie that is easy to slip over their head to keep in the warmth. 

Hunting for a baby shower gift shouldn’t be difficult, even if you’re guessing about the gender! Let us wrap up your gift and deliver it straight to your door, no fuss.

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